Large UNFRAMED custom portrait 19 x 15”

Hand Painted Silhouettes

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All custom portraits are hand painted, from your photographs in gouache with pencil on watercolor paper. All portraits include choice of one standard color (see color selection page). My portraits are expressive and will have brush strokes and may have some pencil markings. 

After purchase you will receive an email with the Standard Color Chart, Order Form and Photo Guide with instructions on how to take the best photographs required to make a silhouette portrait of your, friend, loved one, co-worker or pet and an order form.

Custom and or Additional colors can be purchased for an additional charge of $25 per color. ( to purchase custom color(s) select Custom Color image on this page and then select quantity). If you are ordering 2 portraits and one is a custom color, click +1.

If you desire an additional color for a accessory such as a bow, ribbon or hat, click +1.

Once you have made your purchase you will receive an email with a link to the Benjamin Moore website to select a color which I will match to the best of my ability.

Custom Frames can be purchased for an additional charge of $125 per frame ( to purchase frame(s) select Large Frame image on this page and then select quantity).